At Air Cleaning Technologies, Inc. we have been designing, selling and installing Plymovent exhaust removal systems for the past 21 years in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Illinois.

Diesel exhaust in a fire station is a firefighter’s most significant cancer health risk and could be a serious legal liability for the fire department. From existing stations to new facilities, our totally automatic start-up and disconnect source capture systems are the recommended method for controlling exhaust emissions in your station.

The Plymovent source capture system provides a sealed nozzle system that meets NIOSH and NFPA standards as well as all applicable codes (IMC, UMC, NEC codes).

The EPA has determined that the median diesel exhaust particle size is 0.2 microns. These particles are not typically visible to the human eye. A source capture system from Plymovent prevents the diesel exhaust particulates and Gases from entering the breathing zone!

Like all fuel-burning equipment, diesel exhaust contains nitrogen oxides. Nitrogen oxides can damage lung tissue, lower the body’s resistance to respiratory infection and worsen chronic lung diseases, such as asthma.

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